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PE valve bag features

Why Choose PE Valve Bag(TYPC)

PE Valve Bags/valve sack  is designed for the automated high speed filling 
through the valve and it is a perfect packaging application of packing wide range products like powder, plastic granule, chemical, sugar , flour and animal feeds, fertilizer etc.
The valve bag with a vale of self-closing function after filling, it can be filled either automatically or manually with the main benefit of producing a square block finish shape sacks which suitable for stack on pallets stable.
PE Valve bags Main Features:
1.Suitable for high speed filling
2.With external or internal valves to match your filling machines.
3.Humidity resistant and dust free
4.Tear and rupture resistance
5.High printing quality surface on bags  make your product be more attractive.
6.The pp valve bag with square shape in great pallet.
7.Anti slip surface dealing
8.Various size, thickness can be customized per customer requirements.
9.Cost save of packaging /transporting products.
TYPC has been in manufacturer and supplying high quality PE Valve Bags / valve sack  
over decades years, get rich experience in provide OEM service for oversea customers. Bags are produced bespoke to your requirements with a variety of sizing options, thickness,  valve options, each bag be treated seriously in production.

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